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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kitchen Disaster (Day Number 4):

It was raining earlier this morning as Kelsey and I went to the Range. I was driving with Sarah again today, and she's still an excellent driver. It was lots of fun. We were in the same car I drove in by myself on Monday. I love that car! It's funny, because as Kelsey and I were walking over to the tower where everyone meets for Drivers Ed, I was telling her how I loved the small blue car and the small silver car -- just because they're so small, have excellent turning radiuses, and are easier to maneuver. It turns out that I got the blue car, and she got the silver car! It was really rather funny.

Today was the day we were tested on all of the drills and maneuvers: Angling and Backing, Angle Parking, Parallel Parking, Stop Signs, Uphill/Downhill Parking, U-Turns, 3-Point Turn, Figure 8 (frontward and backing), and backing in an oval. All of us passed (yes, even Kelsey!) with flying colors! I was so relieved because I didn't want to have to come back and do this for a whole other week.

I was so proud of myself because I didn't knock over ANY cones today, and I managed to do the backing Figure 8 perfectly; only going over the line once! It was really quite an achievement, and I'm very proud of myself.

I'm also very proud of Kelsey, who had hardly any driving experience. From what I saw, she was doing really well on every drill -- as if she had done them all a million times, no problem. She's going to be a really good driver. :)

Lizzy surprised us and met us down at the Range today. She was walking her neighbor's dog, Indie (sorry if I butchered the spelling). We walked up the hill and to her neighbors house, where we made breakfast.

Boy, breakfast was a real challenge. First of all, we had to figure out what on earth we were going to make. We decided on eggs, crepes, and hashbrowns. We took forever to find the pans to cook everything in. And cooking in different pans than we were used to was a challenge in of itself. It's hard cooking in a kitchen you don't know. But we managed.

The toughest challenge was finding a pitcher to make juice in. We could find a pitcher, so we looked in the fridge and discovered there was slim to none Sunny D left in the bottle -- we were making orange juice -- so we used the bottle as our pitcher and made the juice in that. :P It actually tasted really good.

Our crepes were scrambled, the eggs tasted slightly funny, and the hashbrowns were a little dry, but given the circumstances, our breakfast was pretty good.

We didn't use the same vanilla as was at Lizzy's, and we actually didn't laugh as much today. So therefore, I feel completely justified to blame Lizzy's vanilla for our hysteria. Wow, it's been a crazy week.

I've got to put my two cents in for Frances here. She's been at EFY in California all week, and I've missed her like crazy. She's my other friend who understands my oddball personality. ;) But I hope she's having tons of fun (it sounds like it from what she's been texting me (; ) and I can't wait for her to get home next week so we can party!

We also watched Downton Abbey (a BBC television series, I really recommend that you watch it as well!), and got through most of the last episode of the season. The second season comes out in the fall, around October, and none of us can wait!

Well, this has been the first six hours of my day again so far. I might post later if something eventful happens, if not you will hopefully be hearing from me tomorrow! :)

-- Sadie

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  1. Ha! I knew those eggs were strange... must have been the Basil or the Oregano. My bad. Thanks for motivating me throughout the week about range! I am glad that we each got the cars that we wanted! Whoop! I love ya Willie.