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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Death by Caramel Suckers

So, I have a pretty hilarious tale for you to enjoy.

When I was a little girl, probably around 3 years old or so, I fell down the stairs at my gramma's house. And this was a long flight of stairs. Like ten or more. Needless to say, I chipped my front tooth in half.

(Probably something like this but not quite as drastic.) 

I had a crown put on it so that it looked normal and I wouldn't be haunted by my missing tooth or teased by fellow classmates in the early years of elementary school. After all, that's a critical self-esteem period. One fateful Halloween, when I was around eight years old, I was sitting in the car outside my house, probably waiting for someone to get in the car (as is still an unfortunate routine my family deals with daily), I was chewing on a caramel apple sucker -- a delicacy I didn't have often. Well, the caramel got stuck on my teeth, and as was instinctual, I yanked it out of my mouth. (Hello, teeth are invincible people. *chagrined look*) Need I describe my shock when I pulled half my tooth off with it? 

(Anyone remember these beauts?) 

Completely freaked out, I went to my mom in a panic thinking I had just pulled out half of my tooth. What was I going to do? Was this normal? Of course, she explained to me that I'd fallen down the stairs as a clumsy child and that it wasn't my real tooth that I'd pulled out. Being eight years old, I felt like I'd been living with a lie. How could I not have known my tooth wasn't real? 

Well, this past week I was on tour at Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth, with my high school's orchestra. And one of my roommates had been given a box of treats by her father. These delicious candies called "Sugar Daddy"(s) were in that box. Of course, late at night in a room full of teenage girls, who wouldn't love to munch on some candy? 

(Curse you.)

I love caramel and I love suckers. However, the combination has proven to be quite fateful. Being a longer sucker, I got it stuck on my very last molar when in the midst of laughing I'd bitten down on the sucker. I need to learn to quit doing that. Or just avoid caramel suckers like the plague. Yanking it out, as I had ten years ago, I unknowingly chipped my tooth. *Face palm.* There was no pain, same as my first experience, and I wouldn't have even noticed if the next time I bit down, after finishing said demon candy, there hadn't been something crunchy. I thought this was odd, and spit it out into my hand. Caramel is characteristically a brown, caramel color. There was nothing pearly white in this sucker. So my tongue reached back to my tooth, and I was surprised to find that it was a little bit more rough and uneven than it had been last time I'd checked. 

"Hey guys," I said in slight nonchalant shock, "I think I just chipped my tooth." 

Of course, everyone laughed at me, myself included, and I couldn't really believe that I had actually chipped it. Obviously I should just stay away from caramel suckers. I was surprised it hadn't hurt, as were my roommates. But it's okay. It's clear back there where no one can see it, and it's just the tiny corner of my tooth. Not even noticeable. It can only bother me, until my tongue gets used to this uneven, rough spot in the back of my mouth. 

If any of you see me picking up a caramel sucker again, just laugh at me and tell me to put it down. Please. I don't want to clumsily chip another pearly white. 

Yes, you can laugh. I've laughed myself. But I feel it is my duty to warn you all about A) chewing on caramel suckers (DON'T.), and B) even hazardously picking them up and placing them in your mouth in the first place. My two chipped teeth, pieces rest in peace, advise strongly against it. 

--Chagrined Caramel Lover


  1. If you can’t resist the taste of caramel without damaging your teeth, why not buy a caramel-flavored soft candy? Just don’t forget to brush your teeth, floss, and gargle after giving yourself a treat.

    Reginald Cooper

    1. Well, my teeth are really good -- I've never had a cavity or anything. It's just an unfortunate experience I've had both times. I like the suckers because they are great to suck on (until you bite them off the stick of course) and the caramel candies are hard to chew and get stuck in your teeth. So either way, I'm in a sticky situation. Haha, but yes, brushing my teeth is very important.