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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Figure 8's (Day Number 3):

As you may have already guessed, Drivers Ed was a big part of my day again. Unlike any of the other days, there were some issues -- car problems, cement and dump trucks driving across the range.

I was driving with Katie today, who is a speedster for sure. Although she is very good at doing those H drills! We were in a tan car, and it had overheating issues. So we had to trade cars with a girl who finished early today. Luckily, that car had no overheating issues.

There's construction going on at the high school, which is why there were cement trucks and dump trucks going in and out today. It really wasn't that bad. We were able to maneuver around them easily with no conflicts or accidents!

Afterward, Kelsey and I went up to Lizzy's again, and we made French toast and eggs. They were delicious! Again, vanilla was a factor in the recipe. Why do I mention vanilla? Well, every day so far, we've had vanilla in our food, and we've laughed hysterically (like 8 minutes straight or longer) for no reason at all usually. We blame it on the vanilla, since it supposedly has teeny tiny alcohol content.

It's an adventure every time we go over to Lizzy's house. We laugh a lot, and have a lot of fun.

When I got home, I cleaned my room (finally!) and got rid of lots of clothes and things. It looks a lot better. Now all I have to do is hang my shelf and I can have my room in full order. It'll be really nice to have that all done.

Around 4:00, we went to my dad's soccer game. My dad made the Utah National Guard soccer team, and they won their game against Xango. My dad made some pretty impressive moves out on the field. He's surprisingly good at soccer.

Afterward, I went with my dad to the driving range and we practiced the Figure 8 (backing), and some backing drills. Then we went and drove around, and now here I am, back at home! It's been a long day, but I've gotten a lot done and it's felt like a very productive day.

I'm really nervous for my Range Test tomorrow -- mostly just for the backwards Figure 8 and oval. Everything else I feel pretty confident about.

So overall, it's been a really good day. I'm eating Brick Oven right now (my FAVORITE restaurant!!!). Their salads are heavenly -- to die for! If you're ever in Provo, I definitely recommend that you eat there at least once. You won't be disappointed.

Well, to all those who are still reading, I hope you had a LOVELY Wednesday! :)

-- Sadie


  1. "You really wouldn't understand, just reading it. Maybe a little more if you hear me say it. But you'll really understand if you actually watch the show (fifth season, Matt Smith is the Doctor)." - You could frame this quote.