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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

Yes, we got to be Doug's humans. He even talked to us!

California Adventure. 

Haddie and Carter are officially Senior Wilderness Explorers now!

Halloween Time at Disneyland.

The Mad Hatter. 

Lightning McQueen!

Gotta love Mater. 

Radiator Springs. Gateway to Ornament Valley. 

Senior Wilderness Explorers unite!

Radiator Springs. Service with a smile - mile after mile. 

The Mad Hatter Shop. 

"Like tomater -- without the TA." 

Radiator Springs. Welcome to Cars Land. 

Walt and Mickey. 

Came across this at Ruby's Diner and thought it was hilarious. 

Tractor crossing. 

He sure is a reckless kid. *wink, wink*

"To infinity and beyond!" The things one can do with Legos. 

Cars sure know how to tell it. 

California Beaches baby!

What animal spirit are you?

Zurg at World of Color. 

Up at World of Color. 

Ariel at World of Color. 

Wilderness Explorer Map. 

Wilderness Explorer Camp. 

Fallin' asleep on Tower of Terror. No big deal. 

DEFINITELY a birthday Carter will remember! :)

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