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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


You may not agree with everything I say here. And that's okay, because these are all my own personal opinions and thoughts. I certainly wouldn't want everyone to think the same way that I do -- where would all the creativity and beauty of diversity in this world be if that were the case?

I think one reason I started blogging was to keep a more consistent and diligent record of my life -- kind of like a journal -- for me to look back on later in life and see how much I've grown or changed, or even what I've learned from what I've done in the past.

So hopefully I can be more honest and open on here, and hopefully others might hear what I have to say or even provide a new insight on the thought or subject. And then other days I may just babble on with things that really couldn't mean anything to anyone else. (If that is the case, I do apologize. I'll try not to do that.)

I hope I do have an audience out there, and I hope I'm talking about things worth people hearing and that this blog is even deserving of an audience (anonymous or not). Those of you who have been reading, thank you. I encourage you all to speak out as well -- someone may benefit from what you have to say.

Thank you for staying with me along this journey, and I hope you continue to stay in the future. Hopefully someday something good will come out of the words I've written here. We'll just have to wait and see.


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