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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sadie Hawkins Dance

Myranda and her date Kyle. They're the neon couple. 

(I think this picture of them is so cute.)

We had to carve pumpkins of our date. We drew their face on the pumpkin without looking. And then we had to carve it out. Fabrizio's drawing of me is on the left, my drawing of him is on the right. 

Me in pumpkin form, and Kelsey poppin' out the knife to carve her pumpkin. 

Pumpkin Fabrizio. He had his hand in front of his mouth when I was drawing, that's why it looks so freakish. 

Jonathan, Kelsey's date, definitely went all out in attire. 

Jonathan and Beno. 

Fabrizio's first time carving a pumpkin!

Kelsey's perfect photobombing face. :)

Fabrizio struggled a little with getting the knife in the pumpkin. Yeah, it's hard. We all struggled. 

Isaac and Sofie! Their pumpkins turned out pretty cute. 

Isaac carving his pumpkin. 

Final rendition of pumpkin Fabrizio. He kind of looks scary. 

Irene! She looks super cute!

Irene and Kelsey

Me and Irene. 

Candid cam! 

Fabrizio is contemplating if he wants pumpkin pie or not. 

Fabrizio eating his first pumpkin pie slice. 

Fabrizio and McKenna. We're all ready for some good desserts. 

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