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Friday, May 11, 2012

Paranoia or Precaution

Is the door locked?
Double check.
Walk across the room.
Check the second door.
Both locks secure?
A shorter walk this time.
Check both locks.
A glance at all three doors.
Make sure nothing was missed.
Still locked.
A short nod.
A deep breath.
Now I can relax.

Every time the doorbell rings,
Every time someone knocks.
There's always that slight panic,
My mind wondering if it's occurring again,
Listening for that doorknob to jiggle back and forth.
Of course, hopefully nothing like that
Will ever happen again,
But the mind still likes to remind you
Of all the possibilities.
It never hurts to be extra safe.
It always takes time to recover
From an incident that occurred almost a year ago.
You don't blame her.
You're glad she's getting help.
But you're still afraid it may happen again.

Are all the windows locked?
But wait.
That one night,
When you cracked your window open for a slight breeze...
I check again.
A sigh of relief.
Now I can relax.

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