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Monday, March 4, 2013

Favorite childhood memories:

1--A home video of me telling my dad about how I went to the mall with my aunt Molly and sprayed some JELLO perfume in my mouth. Apparently it wasn't very good. I also got my Little Mermaid piggy bank and was enjoying my delicious french fries and chicken nuggets -- with a lot of ketchup OF COURSE.

2--Going out to eat at "vrick" oven (Brick Oven) with my family. Definitely still a favorite.

3--Helping give my aunt Molly shots -- she is also a Diabetic.

4--The Wasatch Family Fall Festival in elementary school every year. And the dance festival at the end of the year.

5--My purple party for my ninth birthday. Everything purple, Lizzie McGuire movies and CDs, and all around fun with my favorite friends.

6--Reading and hanging out with my best friend Angela. One summer before fifth grade we walked around the neighborhood with matching t shirts, a CD player, and a cooler full of popsicles and ice cream bars to sell. I don't even remember how much money we made, but it was a ton of fun.

7--Running around bare foot in the summer, swimming, being outdoors and just doing a lot of crazy stuff that only kids can pull off.

8--Laughing. I've always loved to laugh.


I had a pretty great childhood.

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