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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It's here! My birthday month is finally here! Plus it's my most favorite month of the year. :)

Eighteen Reasons I love September:

1. The weather. Fall is on its way!
2. My birthday. Best month to have a birthday in by far.
3. You're back in the full swing of school and your schedule is finally regulating again.
4. Sweaters, socks, hats, boots, scarves -- I can start wearing them all again!
5. My mom's birthday, Kelsey's birthday, Smangela's birthday, Lucy and Vivi's birthday ... Birthday month!
6. Labor Day. A good excuse to have a day off from school.
7. Everyone just seems so cheerful -- excited for fall, excited to wear some of their favorite's a win/win time of year!
8. The leaves start changing on the mountains. That is one of the most gorgeous sights you could ever envision. I love this place.
9. The Alpine Loop is a gorgeous drive you can start taking to enjoy the change in the foliage on the beautiful  Rocky Mountains.
10. Leaves start to fall. Rakes here we come!
11. September is when school starts in Harry Potter. Therefore, it's super cool.
12. September starts with an "S", so does my name.
13. September has an even number of days: 30. But it's still got an odd sound to it (thanks to the number three in "thirty").
14. Herbal tea season! I'm excited. (Even though this is the first year I'll ever be drinking herbal tea)
15. There's always an early out in September thanks to Parent/Teacher Conferences and Teacher Collaboration meetings.
16. You can start eating Cheesy Potato Soup and Crescent Rolls! (FYI that's my birthday dinner EVERY year)
17. Tights. You get to start wearing fun tights because it's not too hot. Plus you can find the coolest tights patterns.
18. You get to eat the best foods, wear the best clothes, enjoy the best weather, read the best books, have the most fun....September is so great!

I hope you're all feeling the September love now. I sure am. Sorry I haven't posted in forever and a million years. School makes one quite busy, especially when one is a senior. But it's worth it! I'll try to post more often now that I'm into a more regular routine. Plus, my computer has been broken. So that creates some problems. But life is good, life is grand, life is swell! Really there's no need to complain.

Peace Like a River!


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