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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! (Or is it really so happy?)

Well, this is officially my first post of 2012.

Happy New Year! The only downside: The Mayans said the world ends this year -- 12 months from now.

Before the world ends though, I'll finish personal progress, get my license, turn eighteen, and hopefully get asked to prom (cross fingers here).

It'll be an exciting year. And NO, I don't think the world is really going to end.

My New Year's Resolutions hardly ever get completed, but I still think it's fun to make a list.

So here goes!

1. Finish Personal Progress
2. Get my license
3. Actually read at least a hundred books this year
4. Go on more than 2 dates
5. Get B's or higher in every class
6. Follow the Presidential Election -- so I can actually know who I should vote for
7. Complete my Honor Bee or Personal Progress for the second time
8. Move up a level in Dance
9. Improve my times for swim team
10. Keep my Diabetes under control

If I think of anything else worth adding to my list, I'll probably add it on. And hopefully by next year I'll have everything completed that I wanted. :)


Ooh! P.S. I hope to be a better blogger, and post more.

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