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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why It's Important to Keep a Journal:

This is an excerpt from a journal entry of mine (I keep a gratitude journal).

I was just reading through two journal entries I wrote in July 2010. It was when I received my patriarchal blessing (it's crazy how that feels like forever ago!). I was listing all the reasons why I was heading to receive my patriarchal blessing in one entry, and then on the 24th of that same month, I was listing why my life was so hard -- for those same reasons. While some might think this was some sort of "proof" that Heavenly Father isn't here to help us, I saw it in a completely different way. I know that my Heavenly Father will always be there for me. And when we may be at our strongest spiritual potential, that's when Satan will try to crack down on us the most. I wasn't feeling bad because my Heavenly Father doesn't love me; I was feeling bad because Satan didn't want me to gain all the blessings and spiritual strength I got from receiving my patriarchal blessing.

We're all going to go through trials in this life, whether we're strong in the gospel or not. Satan is going to come at us, especially when we're at our strongest (spiritually). But that is also the time when we can have the most strength to turn away from his temptations. We don't have to let Satan gain any power over us. We are stronger than him.

So, I'm very grateful for my loving Father in Heaven, and my Savior who gave His life for me -- so that I may learn and grow here on this earth.

And I'm also grateful for journal writing. Not only can I look back on times in my life and learn things I may not have learned then, but I can also learn things that can help me now and in the future. And I know in the future I'll definitely be grateful for this particular post.


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